Day Twenty 5.20.2015 Wednesday

I haven’t kept up with this the last few days, as I have had a lot on my mind. Tomorrow I take my last sub and my period started last night, so I feel like shit. I am trying to get through Module 2, so I don’t get too behind while I kick. Luckily, next week we have a week off.

I got into a FB argument with a woman from school, who commented on something Mandy said. It was with regard to this video I shared :

Here is the argument:

Mandy: There was a test done on some 60 minutes guy that checked for levels of different inorganic compounds in his blood and they found chemicals that had been off the market since before he was born. Indicating that his mother passed on these compounds she retained through the placenta. Insane. But you have to be rich to eat organic, or even healthy. Food is one of the most effective methods of oppression. Setting people up for life with compromised cognition and physicality. Louisiana has some of the poorest birth outcomes in the nation. A huge amount of that is attributed to maternal and childhood malnutrition, just because nothing is available in low income neighborhoods.

Michael had a breakdown Mardi Gras day year before last, a new grocery store opened in our neighborhood which actually had affordable healthy food marketed towards the Hispanic and black community majority. We were literally walking down the aisles of the store crying with joy.

  • Classmate: You don’t have to be rich to eat organic, you may have to make sacrifices in other areas of your life, for instance, most people make a monthly car payment between $200-$300, and then have to pay full coverage insurance, you can buy a reliable car for about $3,000cash, that’s gonna free up over $300 a month, you may not be driving a brand new car with all the bells and whistles, but the quality of your food, your health, and your life will greatly improve. We live on a low rank military salary, it’s not much… But and we are making a car payment, we are trying to sell our car, so that we can get rid of the debt and eat better quality food!

    @Ashley, Mandy nor I have cars. We are both very low-income and have lived in “food deserts” for amny, many years. Watch the video called Politics of the PLate with Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH that is part of our school work during MOdule 2, this week. SHe precisely proves that fruits and vegetables have gone up by 40% since the early 1980’s. The government subsidizes eggs, meat and dairy, which is why they are cheaper. I don’t mean to be rude, but I am just getting to know you through school and I would appreciate if you would be more aware of yr self-righteousness on my timeline. Mandy and I have worked with underserved communities for over a decade and sometimes we say things that may seem like a blanket statement, however, trust me that we are both aware of the nuances behind them. We just like to vent on FB sometimes.

    Mandy and I have no extra money, we don’t even have enough money to pay rent to begin. I am choosing to spend all of my money to go to INN, so please be aware of how things come across, CLASSMATE. I am not trying to be a total itch, but this just hits a strong cord with me.


    Anyways, I know that seems like a hormone-induced rage, but this is exactly the stupid shit I was worried about in the program. Thank god, that the video I mentioned in the above rant was part of  the curriculum. Marion NEstle actually said something like, “when poor people say produce is too expensive, they are right b/c it’s gone up 40% since the early 80’s”.
    Grrrrrr…. I have enough on my plate these next few days. Glad I vented though.

Day Six 5.16.2015 Saturday

My welcome package from the school came in the mail yesterday, which excited me. I got a water bottle (stainless steel), shopping back in a zipper pouch, a bumper sticker, a heart-shaped lavender sachet, the Integrative Nutrition book by Joshua Rosenthal, the daily journal, and the workbook. It took all week to get here,but I am glad it finally arrived. I started the daily journal. I think my personal journal might lag as a result, but I am going to try to prevent that. Maybe this blog will be an alternative.

My mom made her famous, unseasoned, over-baked chicken.I am steadily detoxing, but today was rough. I had to take a little extra beup, b/c I was in full on withdrawl. As a result of this, I haven’t been cooking like I usually do. I decided to make some kale to go with the chicken, or to just to eat by itself, depending on my appetite. It’s funny b/c both my grandmother and mother’s responded with “you gotten cook it down for a long time!”. Trust me, I like my ham hock, slow cooked Southern greens myself, but I still enjoy fresh greens. I am gonna have them try the kale steamed and if it’s a no-go,then cook it down, I will.

So, this first week of school has gone well. Since I haven’t been feeling to great, the plan to wrap up the workbook and weekly check-in seem more daunting than they actually are. The time management exercises that were done the week before school actually started, have helped me out a ton.

That’s all, for now.

Day One 5.11.2015 Monday

This going to be a quickie. I started my first day of classes at the integrative nutrition institute. I am really excited, but believe I have been taking the Fundamentals (pre-class) section too seriously. I seriously have like 20 pages of notes. I am using it as a way to figure out what works and doesn’t work. I do get slides, it seems like, after each section, so that is a nice thing I can save. It’s hard though, because notes are how I learn and get the info stuck in my head.

We’ve learned about many of the theories related to the education. I love the fact that the president says, “You need a drink.” I don’t think it will be hard to incorporate my harm reduction beliefs with this program. I really appreciate that he prez shys away from the health-freak idea of keeping everything out of one’s diet and that being sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan tis the pinnacle of good health.

The school utilized the idea of Primary Foods as the most important part of wellness and health. These are career, spirituality, relationships, and physical activity.

At this point I am sure some of you know what school I am speaking o, but please don’t blow me up.I want my privacy. This blog is for me and my process of going back to school at 30 years old.

Day Three 5.13.2015 Wednesday

Today I listened to an audio lesson about Healing From Illness (with food- both primary meaning career, relationship, physical activity, and spirituality as well as what we put on our plate). It was pretty moving to hear the story of a woman who watched her father die from cancer, slowly and horribly, as a child. It really brought up a lot of person things. ALthough, my father passed away when I was 5, I am glad it wasn’t a slow process. Interestingly, enough, I am not sure how I feel about if Eirias’ death was different.
There was a ton of into about holistic care for cancer. I remember doing a hands-on healing with Chuck Garcia ( and other classmates and family on a woman who had a grapefruit sized tumor in her reproductive system. We did the healing one afternoon and two days later she went for her allopathic doctor’s appointment and the tumor was not detectable.
Trust me, I am not saying that everyone with cancer will experience miraculous healing if they utilize holistic methods, however , I wanted to share these stories.
The reason I feel hesitant even bringing this up, is because it can be such a trigger.Oftentimes with holistic care, there seems like a underlying vibe of “if you did this then you wouldn’t be experiencing what you are now”.The woman I mentioned earlier who told the story about her father is an example of this, as I heard the pain in voice thinking of all the couldashouldwoulda’s haunting her.
I don’t have this kind of disability/illness going on in my life, but I must admit that health coaches, herbalists, etc need to be very careful to not treat people like they caused it or that curing their issue is a choice that they are just screwing up.
One another subject, I am feeling horrible. I am down to 2mgs of subs a day and am really starting to feel it. Interestingly enough, I drank some water, ate a Granny Smith apples with sharp cheese and it made me feel a little better. I have a bad habit of not eating all day until I am about to collapse. I am trying. That is for damn sure.

Day Two 5.12.2015 Tuesday

I am still sleeping in entirely  too late. I thought it would be a good idea to study at my middle sister’s house while she was a work. My youngest sister is here. I have done everything I possibly could to get ready to study, except for actually do the work.

I love learning new skills and practicing self-reflection. The latter of which I am in great need of.I just have to remind myself that this is fun and not focus on it being school so much.

I guess I don’t have much to say, except that I am trying.

There is a virtual welcome session tonight that I am looking forward to.

I did vent to my sister’s partner that I am not into the use of FB as an education toll and the forum in which the student discuss topics. I guess it’s something I am not used to. I will share how that goes over time.